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Bride of Pendorric by Victoria Holt

Eking out a living with her widowed father in his art studio on the island of Capri, Favel is swept off her feet by visitor Roc Pendorric and they are married, although her happiness is marred by the sudden death of her father. Upon arrival at Roc's Cornwall estate, Favel learns of the legend of the Brides of Pendorric - married into the family for their money and die mysterious deaths at a young age and then destined to haunt the halls until another bride dies and takes her place. Not surprisingly, things soon begin to go bump in the night - is it possible that the ghost of Roc's mother really does haunt the home? Is Favel destined to be the next Bride of Pendorric to die and haunt the mansion, or is something more sinister involved?

As Favel begins to experience unusual accidents she begins to wonder about her husband Roc. Did he really fall in love with her or was there an ulterior motive? How did he happen to show up at their studio in Capri? Just a coincidence or did he know her father beforehand? What about the three former lovers of Roc? Do they want Favel out of the way? Or is it Favel's sister or one or her two young daughters? Who is the mysterious wealthy old man in the large estate who takes an uncommon interest in Favel?

Packed with plenty of mystery and intrigue, as well as the appropriate gothic spookiness of Cornwall and those ever present mists (let alone getting locked in that old tomb with all those caskets - yikes!), this tale should keep the reader guessing until the very last page. While Holt isn't quite up to the perfection that is Du Maurier, she's still a gifted storyteller and fans of that classic "romantic suspense" genre might want to check this out. 4/5 stars.
Tags: victoria holt
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