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Countdown to May

          Since Daphne, Marg and I have been driving everyone nuts the last six months asking when May was going to arrive and bring us the latest Chadwick Novel, To Defy a King, we thought we'd have some fun and do a countdown and talk a bit about why we love Elizabeth Chadwick. To kick it off we're talking about some of our favorite Chadwick books and you can read Daphne's post here.

I first came across her books about four years ago when I was *new* to the historical fiction genre. In my younger days I read just about anything, but more recently I’d been reading true crime, and whilst trying to find something different I discovered Joan Wolf’s awesome Born of the Sun buried in a forgotten stack of books and after that I never looked back. I explored historical romances a bit and then found Anya Seton and *gasp* yes Philippa Gregory. I loved PG’s books then, but not sure about now….

Somehow Chadwick’s books started showing up on my Amazon rec’s and I ordered Falcons of Montabard and I became a serious Chadwickholic. I had to have them all and I had to have them now. Fortunately I bought them before she lost her US publisher and those books started to become hard to find and spendy – although I was too busy clicking the purchase button and to pay attention to all the prices. I shudder at what I paid for Daughters of the Grail and The Leopard Unleashed but live and learn. Besides, last time I looked they're even more expensive now.

  For me The Falcons of Montabard had it all – I loved watching Sabin mature from a young hellion into a fierce, noble warrior as well as a loving, gentle husband (he is such a H.U.N.K.).  You'll feel like you're there as you experience the sights, sounds and smells of Outremer (Israel).  Annais was a great female lead, first wed to a man she cares for but doesn’t love to her steamy (and I do mean steamy) relationship with Sabin. And what a nail biting finish – just when you thought it was over Chadwick takes the reader on a hell of a ride.

  Next up for me was Shadows and Strongholds. A coming of age story, this book is the story of Fulke "Brunin" Fitzwarin, and takes him from childhood to manhood. As a young boy, Brunin withdraws into himself to avoid the pain from his domineering overbearing grandmother, and his father sends him to train as a squire to Joscelin de Dinan. As Brunin blossoms under Joscelin's care, he eventually becomes a strong young man and a knight to be reckoned with as he learns to deal with the shadows of his youth and banish them forever. The relationship between Brunin and Hawise is very sweet and one I’ve revisited several times – if I’m in a book slump this is always a sure fire bet to cure it.

   The Marsh King’s Daughter is a bit different from the author's usual story; you won't find any lords, ladies or knights in this one. Just a fascinating look at the ins and outs of the wool trade and an interesting foot note in history on the disappearance into the quicksand of King John's treasure. I really enjoyed the pairing of Nicholas and Miriel and as for Robert, what a delightfully OTT baddie.

No matter which one you pick, you’re always guaranteed of a magic carpet ride to the medieval period. No one, but no one, sucks me into another century like Elizabeth Chadwick. And check out the very cool widget Daphne came up with,


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Apr. 21st, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Of these three I have only read The Marsh King's Daughter which is probably my 4th favorite. She certainly has a knack for writing charming men!!
Apr. 24th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
You know what the best thing about your post is? I haven't actually read any of them, and I have them all to look forward to! Can't wait!
Apr. 24th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
Shadows and Strongholds is my favorite book by Elizabeth Chadwick along with The Greatest Knight. I still didn't read Falcons of Montabard but I was saving it for one of those days when I really need a great story to cheer me up. Great post!:)
Apr. 27th, 2010 09:43 pm (UTC)
Sabin is such a hottie. Don't put it off forever :)
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